Player Code of Conduct


As a member of Harlequin Rugby Club, you are expected to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship, integrity, and respect both on and off the field. The following code of conduct outlines the principles and behaviours that are essential to maintaining the positive reputation and spirit of our club:


1.    Respect for the Game:

·       Respect the laws and regulations of rugby at all times.

·       Play with passion and intensity, but never compromise the spirit of the game.

·       Accept the decisions of referees and officials with grace, regardless of personal feelings.

·       Always strive to improve your skills and knowledge of the game.


2.    Respect for Teammates:

·       Treat your teammates with dignity and respect, regardless of differences.

·       Support and encourage each other both on and off the field.

·       Communicate openly and honestly with teammates, coaches, and club officials.

·       Work together towards common goals, putting the team above individual interests.


3.    Respect for Opponents:

·       Treat opponents with respect and fairness at all times.

·       Compete fiercely, but always within the boundaries of sportsmanship.

·       Shake hands with opponents before and after matches, regardless of the result.

·       Never engage in unsportsmanlike conduct or attempts to intimidate opponents.


4.    Respect for Officials:

·       Show respect towards referees, touch judges, and other officials at all times.

·       Accept their decisions without argument or dissent.

·       Use appropriate channels to address any concerns or disputes regarding officiating.


5.    Respect for Supporters:

·       Appreciate the support of fans, friends, and family members.

·       Represent the club positively both on and off the field, recognizing that you are an ambassador for Harlequin Rugby Club.

·       Acknowledge and thank supporters for their encouragement and enthusiasm.


6.    Respect for the Club:

·       Uphold the values and traditions of Harlequin Rugby Club.

·       Act in a manner that reflects positively on the club at all times.

·       Comply with all club policies and procedures, including those related to behavior, discipline, and attendance.

·       Contribute positively to the club community through volunteering, fundraising, and other activities.


7.    Personal Conduct:

·       Conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively on yourself and the club, both during rugby activities and in your personal life.

·       Avoid behavior that could bring the club into disrepute, including but not limited to violence, substance abuse, discrimination, and dishonesty.

·       Be a role model for younger players, demonstrating leadership, responsibility, and resilience.


Violation of this code of conduct may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the club. By participating in any team as a member of Harlequin Rugby Club, every player agrees to adhere to this code of conduct and uphold the principles and values it represents.


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